Reactive Maintenance

As with planned maintenance, our reactive maintenance capability is based on competent and experienced trade and managerial resources. Asset information is developed in use to reflect asset conditions at any given time and provide a knowledge platform on which to base diagnostic repair assumptions prior to attending the site. N Moyo Consulting And Facilities Management understands that reactive maintenance revolves around communication and has developed levels of local, regional, and national help desks and call centres.

Call centres are staffed with directly employed call handlers who are trained in repair diagnostics and can allocate appropriate resources to attend call-outs. Call handlers are responsible for ensuring the call is logged in line with the service level agreement N Moyo Consulting And Facilities Management diagnostic training ensures that the correct person with the correct skills, plant, and equipment attends the reactive maintenance event; providing a first permanent fix for a temporary repair in order to provide continuity of service.

We work to a variety of response times driven by client KPI reporting requirements. We have the systems in place and the experience in practice to map out our reactive maintenance capability to the exact response
requirements of any project in the UK; in any industry sector.