Water Treatment

As part of our FM service, N Moyo Consulting And Facilities Management offers clients our specialist water treatment capabilities including the testing of water for Legionella disease. We provide a full risk assessment of hot and cold water systems to ensure adequate systems are in place to control risks.

In order to ensure compliance for water checks within our self-delivery model, in compliance with ACoP L8, we carry out the following compliance services:

City & guild accredited Risk Assessments: Including Control Measures and Hazard Identification in Water Systems training, and full CAD schematics in both electronic and traditional paper format for cooling systems.
Cleaning and disinfection services: For domestic to BS 6700 and Sanosil disinfection for systems where chlorine is not suitable (e.g.. care homes; and cooling tower systems).
Cooling tower endoscopic examination: Photographs and reports and in-situ foam cleaning of tower pack, if it cannot be removed for cleaning.
Analytical and microbiological service: Legionella pneumophila; water quality analysis (e.coli, coliform, and total viable counts). we also offer swimming pool water analysis e.g. pseudomonas aeruginosa and general water analysis.